Cousyn’s Casa de Playa

I met Waleska when we bought our home. She was so knowledgeable about everything having to do with the community and our potential purchase that when she mentioned she was an interior designer, I immediately knew I would ask for her help with our new home. As soon as we closed and she agreed, she went to work. She sent me pictures of various styles so she could understand my preferences. As she got a sense of my taste she began the overwhelming task of fitting out the entire home; everything from light fixtures and curtains to furniture and kitchen essentials. No detail was left out. I still walk around our beautiful home and find small, thoughtful details that add to the form and function of the home. I'm so thrilled with the result that she's helping us with another home and a commercial project. Between her work ethic, design aesthetic and knowledge of the island, she's my go-to choice for all things design!

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