Ocean Zen Living offers a complete range of interior design services.

From personal home or office interior design to 5-star vacation rental staging, we are known for our positive & creative spirit and ‘Get it done’ mentality. We provide interior design solutions with a modern, zen and Feng Shui’d approach, creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasant but functional and inviting which reflect the client’s personality and lifestyle. 

Our capacity to manage projects and take control of all phases in order to guarantee quality results, it’s what sets us apart. Our excellent work team of craftsmen and contractors help us provide a quality product, whether on interior elements, furniture or custom cabinetry, meticulously designed for our clientele. 

We work with you and manage every detail, from furniture shopping to renovations. 

Share us your vision and we’ll make it happen!

  • Visiting job sites to analyze space availability, design needs and the purpose of the space
  • Attending client meetings to understand the design needs and client preferences regarding interior styles and color
  • Creating initial color themes and ideas based on client requirements and space availability
  • Hiring contractors and vendors to implement design ideas, such as Carpenters, Painters, Plumbers, Electricians and Artists
  • Overseeing the buying process of all raw materials, furniture and items required to complete the project
  • Arranging client visits and keeping everyone involved in the project appraised of its progress
  • Ensuring project completion within the allocated budget and timeline

Ocean Zen Living is committed to providing the highest level of service to its clients and guests.

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